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PRIORIN® improves hair growth from within. Study confirms effectiveness

It supplies the hair with nutrients, including millet extract, the amino acid L-cystine and calcium pantothenate, which in combination has been clinically shown to stimulate and improve hair growth and hair re-growth. PRIORIN® also contains the nutrient biotin, which helps to maintain healthy hair.

Improvement is noticeable

Women who treated their hair with PRIORIN® as part of a study were able to notice a clear increase in hairs undergoing growth.**

Why it works? Priorin helps to improve hair growth by supplying the hair with nutrients:

Millet Extract

PRIORIN® capsules contain millet extract, a source of the phytosterol miliacin, which increases proliferation and metabolic activity in human keratinocytes (key cells in hair).*

Calcium Pantothenate

The essential vitamin calcium pantothenate stimulates metabolic activity in human keratinocytes (key cells in hair) and is thus important in the nutritional support of normal hair growth and quality.*


The amino acid L-cystine is a building block of the hair substance keratin and thus an important component of the hair.*


Biotin is a vitamin that is vital for the synthesis of the hair substance keratin.*

How to use?

Hair growth progresses very slowly and requires a little patience. Therefore it is recommended that you take 2 PRIORIN® capsules daily with food for a period of 3 to 6 months.

After 3 to 6 months of the PRIORIN® hair care program the nutrients will have stimulated and improved hair growth and hair re-growth.

PRIORIN® is also suitable for long-term use and can be repeated throughout the year if necessary.

Healthy roots. Healthy hair.

The nutrients in PRIORIN® improve hair growth from within.

The hair root has a very active metabolism. It constantly produces new cells for growing hair. Keratinocytes (key cells in hair) undergo cell division faster than any other cell in the body.*

The newly formed hair cells occupy the space of the previous cells and push them upwards in the hair root canal. The more the cells in the hair shaft are pushed upwards, the more keratin is produced in the cells. This keratin leads to cornification and ultimately the death of these cells. The keratinised cells are pushed upwards even further and form the visible hair above the surface of the scalp.*

Overall, hair relies on a strong microcirculation that provides nutrients for adequate growth.* The nutrients in PRIORIN®, including millet extract, L-cystine, and calcium pantothenate, then stimulate and improve hair growth and hair re-growth.

** In hormonally-exacerbated hereditary hair growth disorders in women. Study: W. Gehring et al., Zeitschrift für Hautkrankheiten, Karlsruhe University, H+G 7/8 (75) 419- 423 (2000).

If you have any questions, Kindly complete the provided contact form, and a member of our clinical team will contact you within one business day.

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