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ROGAINE® Women’s Foam

ROGAINE® Women’s Foam 60g -
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Women’s ROGAINE Foam is available without a prescription in most provinces and can be found on the shelves of most pharmacies. As of May 25, 2015, exceptions include Quebec, where Women’s ROGAINE Foam is available behind-the-counter from the pharmacist and without a prescription.

Women’s ROGAINE Foam is believed to work, in part, by extending the time that hair spends in its active growth phase and by increasing the size of inactive hair follicles, allowing them to resume production of thicker, longer strands of hair.

1. The first and only

Women’s ROGAINE Foam is the first and only topical 5% minoxidil hair regrowth treatment for women that is available in Canada.

2. Once-a-day convenience

Women’s ROGAINE Foam must be used every day for continued effectiveness; with a once daily application, it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily beauty routine.

3. Proven results over time

Women’s ROGAINE Foam is clinically proven to regrow hair in as little as 12 weeks, when applied once each day†

†The amount of hair regrowth is different for each woman. Results may be seen as early as 3 months; though for some women, it may take at least 6 months. This product may or may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.


Step 1: Rinse your hands with cold water, then dry them. This will help to keep the foam from dissolving on contact with your skin. Dispense half a capful of Women’s ROGAINE Foam onto a non-porous surface such as a small bowl or saucer. Part your hair in the middle of your head, then on each side of the part to maximize scalp exposure. Apply directly to the scalp area where you are experiencing hair thinning.
Remember: Using more foam won’t result in thicker hair or faster results. Half a capful daily is all you need!

Step 2: Use the pads of your fingers to gently and thoroughly massage the foam into your scalp, starting from the back and working toward the front, then let it air-dry. Consistency is the key to success here — if you stop using Women’s ROGAINE Foam daily, your hair loss will resume, so add Women’s ROGAINE Foam to your daily to-do list.

Step 3: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Don’t forget to rinse the bowl or saucer as well.

For best results:

  • Use only the recommended dosage of half a capful once a day. Applying more, or using it more frequently, will not enhance or speed up hair growth.
  • Apply Women’s ROGAINE Foam to a dry or towel-dried scalp; not to a wet scalp.
  • Let the foam air-dry and then follow your normal styling routine.


Minoxidil 5% w/w


Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), cetyl alcohol, citric acid anhydrous, glycerol anhydrous, lactic acid, polysorbate 60, propellant Aeropin 70 (propane, butane, isobutane), purified water, SD alcohol 40-B, stearyl alcohol.

If you have any questions, Kindly complete the provided contact form, and a member of our clinical team will contact you within one business day.

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