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Dogs Advice & Education

Why do we have to walk the dog? It benefits you and the dog.

Exercise is one of the key component of staying healthy in human. Our furry family member(s) also need regular exercise to stay on top of their health too. As pet parents, you benefit from walking with your dogs. Let them breathe in fresh air, run around, play with them, feel the world, release their energy and wonder around the world. They feel happy and free. Dogs love nature and sniff around. Walk your dog also helps you to develop a daily moderate exercise routine, helps you to keep in shape both physically and mentally. Have a great bonding time with your furry friend!

Quick ways for crazy busy people to show their dogs more Love

Snuggle in bed. Wake up 5 or 10 minutes early each morning and cuddle or play with your dog before you get out of bed.

Pal around together. No matter what you’re doing around the house, try to make your dog be part of it.  Invite her to sit on your lap or lie at your feet while you work or read or watch TV.

Give 30-second massages. Dogs don’t really understand pats on the head or hugs. Instead, spend 30 to 60 seconds gently stroking and massaging alternating areas of your dog’s body.

Take mini-walks. Dogs absolutely love walks, so even if you only have five or 10 minutes to spare, the more often you can take your dog out for a walk, the better. Of course, when you have more time, it’s important to give him opportunities to sniff and explore on your walks.

Take him along. Whenever possible bring your dog with you — to work, when you’re running errands, on road trips and in any situation where he’ll be safe and welcome. Minimize home alone time

Why do dogs eat grass?

To balance their microbiome. Dog eat grass to ease gastrointestinal upset and expel toxins from their body through vomiting. Eating grass can help eliminate intestinal worms. There’s no need to stop your dog from eating grass occasionally.

However, remember that constant excessive grass eating may be a sign indicating something went wrong with your pet’s diet. You should make a visit to the vet.