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Keto Diastix

Keto Diastix
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Ketodiastix Reagent Stips for Urinalysis provides a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence of ketones and glucose.

The presence of ketones and glucose in the urine can be an indication that your Diabetes may be out of control. By carefully following a testing schedule established by your doctor, both of you can be alerted to any changes in your condition.


- Collect fresh urine specimen in a clean, dry container

- Remove one strip from bottle and replace cap.

- Dip test area of strip in urine and remove immediately. (alternatively, wet the test area by passing strip through urine stream.)

- Tap edge of strip against container or clean, dry surface to remove excess urine.

- Compare test area to Colour Chart exactly 15 seconds after wetting. Ignore colour changes that occur after 15 seconds

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