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Four Leaf Rover Immunity - Organic Mushroom Mix

Four Leaf Rover Immunity - Organic Mushroom Mix -
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See the difference REAL mushrooms make with this veterinary formulated blend of seven organic mushrooms.


The demand for mushrooms is growing. People are aware of their ability to support the immune system, making Immunity one of our most requested products.

Immunity is a veterinary formulated blend of seven organic mushrooms:

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is known for its immune balancing benefits thanks to two important immune modulating beta-glucans: PSK & PSP. Plus, Turkey Tail can support liver function and gut health.


Chaga’s rich beta-glucan content can help support the heart, intestine and liver health. It’s also loaded with polyphenols which are plant-based antioxidants that can diminish free radical damage.


Cordyceps is a multi-functioning mushroom that’s been known to help support the airways, the liver and kidneys. Cordyceps is stocked full of polysaccharides that help a protein called cytokines enable the growth of healthy blood cells. This helps the body’s immune and inflammatory response.


Phellinus is a potent mushroom rich in beta-glucans and proteoglycns (PGs). Research shows its rich immune-boosting functions can help support cell health and a normal detox processes in the body.



Maitake is, yet another mushroom with exceptional immune enhancing content. It’s loaded with beta-glucans and D-fraction, that’s been researched as a powerful immune booster.


Reishi is known as the “mushroom of immortality”, and so it should be! Its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities stem from rich sources of antioxidants, ganoderic acid and triterpenoids that come straight from the mushroom itself.


Shiitake’s not just fun to say, but it’s been shown to support the gut in digestion, allergy response and urinary health. This mushroom is stocked with beta-glucans, lentinan (which can support immunity and the heart), and enzymes like amino acids, amylase and minerals (zinc).


Give orally daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost & Supply
1-25 lbs
1/2 tsp daily
$0.58/day (60 day supply)
26-50 lbs
3/4 tsp daily
$0.78/day (45 day supply)
51-75 lbs
1 tsp daily
$1.17/day (30 day supply)
76-100 lbs
1 1/2 tsp daily
$1.59/day (22 day supply)
101 + lbs
2 tsp daily
$2.33/day (15 day supply)

Net Contents: 1.8oz (51g)

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