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Clean Republic

Classrooms & Daycare Centers

Cafes, Restaurants & Bars

Clean Republic is perfect for high touch surfaces, desks, chairs, books, toys and more. Clean Republic is perfect for disinfecting industrial kitchens, equipment, high touch surfaces like menus, tables, chairs and more.

Wellness & Fitness Studios

Spas & Salons

Clean Republic is the perfect solution for Wellness & Fitness Studios. Think floors, surfaces, mirrors, mats, equipment and more. Clean Republic is perfect for spas and salons. Think floors, surfaces, mirrors, sinks, tubs, tools, stones, tables and more.


Mother Nature's Miracle Cleaner

When we first started producing and testing hypochlorous acid, we honestly couldn't believe what we had stumbled upon. We have been using dangerous chemicals like bleach to clean our homes for decades and the solution to this problem was sitting right in front of us. Why not use something that naturally occurs when lightning strikes the ocean? Or better yet, something that our very own bodies product to fight infection? It seems that we as humans tend to think that our creations are more powerful than billions of years of evolution. We have seen first-hand the dangers of common household chemicals and truly believe that we have a product that can have a positive impact on the world. Join us on this journey to change the paradigm of how we clean. Let's unite the world to create a Clean Republic.


Water Salt Electricity

HOCL is produced by white blood cells and is an integral part of immune response (inside the body). HOCl kills dangerous microorganisms as a antimicrobial making it equally effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi (outside the body).


In 1834, French chemist Antoine Jérôme Balard discovered HOCl as the infection fighting compound found naturally in the white blood cells of the human body. Balard’s work would most notably used thereafter by armies in World War I and World War II for wound cleaning and to neutralize chemical burns. Today, it is most commonly used on humans, animals and the natural environment to clean and disinfect.


HOCl works to break down the cells that are creating an infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting its replication or growth process. The human body produces HOCl to reverse markers of epidermal aging, protect against environmental aggressors and cleanse the skin. When utilized as an application outside the human body, PH-neutral HOCl solution works in much the same way.


All-Natural Eco-Friendly Responsible
Produced with pure water, salt & electricity No harsh chemicals or toxic fumes Neutral pH, no VOC’s, fragrances, alcohol, petrochemicals or sulfates.


HOCl has been experimented with for years. However, the challenge with HOCl has always been in the stabilization of the solution in order to make it a commercially viable solution. Our chemists have figured out how to stabilize the solution without using any additives, which would jeopardize the purity of the product. And we can't think of a better time than now to adopt a healthier way of consistent cleaning.


We are passionate individuals working to change the way we think about "clean". We are on a mission to challenge the world to clean up their cleaning game.

All Natural, Eco-friendly & Responsible all purpose cleaner designed to be used on a daily basis to remove germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces and objects.

Once you go Clean Republic, you'll never go back!