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Minerals and Other Nutrients for A Healthy Liver!

liver health mineral nutrient

There are many minerals and other nutrients that are beneficial for your liver:


Copper and Manganese - essential for liver detoxification process

Selenium - helps to reduce free radicals and may prevent insulin resistance

Vanadium - helps to improve insulin sensitivity-> better blood sugar control

Zinc - protects liver from free radicals damage. It is an important cofactor for regulation the metabolism of carbs, fat and protein.

Chromium - increases insulin receptors

Other Nutrients:

Omega 3 fatty acids - can reverse fatty liver according to an animal study

Coenzyme Q10 - has been shown to reduce the damage of liver due to oxidative stress & inflammation caused by unhealthy eating

Probiotics - may protect liver from damage by inflammation according to an animals research

Digestive enzymes - reduce the workload of liver in the process of digestion and filtration

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