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Fruits and vegetable with high water content


As most people know, you are supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day but it sure is hard to keep track of the amount of water you consume daily. To make sure that you are getting enough water per day, try eating hydrating high water content fruits and vegetable when you know that you're not consuming enough water.

Here is a list of vegetable and fruits that are high in water content.

Cucumber - 96.7%

Iceberg lettuce - 95.6%

celery - 95.4

radishes - 95.3

tomatoes - 94.5

green peppers - 93.9

cauliflower - 92.1

watermelon - 91.5

spinach - 91.4

star fruit - 91.4

Strawberries - 91.0

broccoli - 90.7

grapefruit - 90.5

baby carrots - 90.4

cantaloupe - 90.2

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