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The Truth of Water


The Truth of Water:

  • Number of people with no safe drinking-water in the world: 1 billion people
  • Number of deaths from unsafe water and sanitation: 2 million deaths per year
  • Number of people without access to improved water source: 1 billion
  • Number of countries reported to have Cholera (disease transmitted by contaminated water): 50 countries
  • 80% of human diseases are caused by water pollution and poor hygiene1 
  • 10% of world population are consuming food harvested by polluted water; it contains disease-causing micro-organisms1
  • 2,000,000 children die yearly from diseases caused by polluted water2
  • 50% of hospitalized patients are hospitalized due to diseases caused by polluted water2


Do You Know If Your Water is Clean?

According to EPA US Environmental protection agency:

  • 44% of assessed stream miles are not clean enough to support uses such as fishing and swimming.
  • Polluted waters contained bacteria, mercury, phosphorus, nitrogen, and low levels of dissolved oxygen from decomposition of organic material.
  • Only 28% of US's stream have healthy biological communities compared to best possible conditions in their region.



1 World Health Organization

2 Johannesburg Summit Wehab Working Group

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