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Gut health and weight

gut gut health weight

Weight loss is always one of the most popular topics. Going to gym, eating healthy are all essential components in the weight loss journey. However, don't forget that detox is also an important part to enhance the result.

Report has shown that the accumulation of toxins in our gut can potentiate weight gain. Maintaining the environment in our gut is important to help us detox the 'gunk'. To get rid of the 'gunk', we need good bacteria in our digestive system. To restore our gut ideal environment, a healthy spectrum of good bacteria (probiotic) and prebiotic (fiber) are needed. Intake a good source of probiotic and fiber is also key factor to facilitate weight loss.

Have a healthy meal with added probiotics and fiber as breakfast also further enhance gut health (PureNourish Natural is a good choice).

Want to get rid of the fat tummy, don't forget the importance of gut health.

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