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Enzymes - A Secret of Health


With hectic lifestyle nowadays, more problems related our gut are seen. Digestive enzyme deficiency causing health related problems seem to be increasing. Ingestion, heartburn, gas and bloating are some of the commonly seen signs and symptoms. Enzymes are an important component of our digestion process. Let’s understand what are the different types of enzymes in our body. There are 3 main types:

Carbohydrate digestion:

amylase, alpha- & beta-galactosidase (lactase), maltase

Fat digestion:


Protein digestion:

proteases, bromelain

What are the factors that can affect our digestive function?

Stress, poor eating habits, enzyme deficiency caused by medical condition (e.g cystic fibrosis), people who has gall bladder removed, aging.

How to deal with this problem?

Reduce stress, chew food thoroughly.

Minimize or avoid food that can cause intolerance (eg. Lactose, gluten)

Supplement with digestive enzymes with meals to help breaking down the food.

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