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Dangers of Supplementing Calcium by Itself


Did you know that supplementing calcium by itself can potentially be dangerous?

A study in May 2012 showed those individuals who took just calcium supplements alone doubled their risk of having a heart attack. Calcium deposits in your arteries instead of in your bones.

Therefore, Calcium should not be supplemented by itself.

The problem is that, for 30 years...1

  • The medical community has just been encouraging the supplementation of just calcium.
  • Calcium is still critical for healthy bones and for healthy heart.
  • However, consuming a proper ratio of minerals (magnesium and other trace minerals) is critical in maintaining and improving healthy bones, nerve and muscle functions, mood control, cell division and electrical conduction in the heart.

Do you know what's in your calcium supplement?

Are you currently taking Calcium Carbonate or Magnesium Oxide?

Less than half of calcium carbonate will be absorbed, and the rest may cause kidney stones or arterial wall calcification.

This form of calcium may cause acid rebound which is when the stomach produces too much acid in an attempt to compensate for high dose of calcium carbonate.

Less than 10% of Magnesium oxide will be absorbed. With low Mg level, it will increase the risk of heart disease.

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